Flag of Russia

The flag of Russia
The flag of Russia is a tricolor flag of three horizontal equal fields, white on the top, blue in the middle and red on the bottom. It can be seen on public offices, the faces of football fans and in the hands of foreign tourists in Red Square, Moscow.
The flag of Russia has no official construction meaning of colors. You can imagine your own nice bright meanings.
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Russian Stove

Paper russian stove
Russian stoves/ovens are unique type of ovens. They are used for domestic heating, cooking, sitting, lying, of course. Moreover, the ovens were private conveyance *
They were the main elements of Russian life. Ilya Muromets was able to lie on his oven for a period of 33 years, Emelya rode on it simply, Baba Yaga tried to bake children having lost in the forest *
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