Sickle and Hammer

Paper sickle and hammer
The sickle and hammer symbolized the nation’s workers and peasants. In addition, they were used together with red stars. The Sickle & hammer in the modern world has meaning as ‘avoid and give up’ (“kosi i zabivaj” in Russian).

National Emblem of the USSR

Assemble yours.
Example of hammer
Example of sickle
Download the diagrams here and here.
This paper model was designed by Kalinin Mikhail.

The size of the sickle:
Height: 6,5 inches (165 mm)
Width: 3,2 inches (82,3 mm)
Depth: 0,8 inche (20 mm)

The size of the hammer:
Height: 5,1 inches (130 mm)
Width: 2 inches (50 mm)
Depth: 1,2 inches (30 mm)

For A4 paper size.