The Khokhloma Sickle and hammer

hammer and sickle khokhloma
The paper sickle and hammer in Khokhloma. Khokhloma is the name of Russian wood painting handicraft. These sickle and hammer were painted in black and yellow colours. The original model of the sickle and hammer you can download here.

hammer khokhloma diagram
sickle khokhloma diagram
Download the diagram here and here.
This paper model was designed by Kalinin Mikhail.

The size of the sickle::
Height: 6,5 inches (165 mm)
Width: 3,2 inches (82,3 mm)
Depth: 0,8 inche (20 mm)

The size of the hammer::
Height: 5,1 inches (130 mm)
Width: 2 inches (50 mm)
Depth: 1,2 inches (30 mm)

For A4 paper size.